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Company introduction:
Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2014, is the world's only one with pure hydrocarbon biodiesel core patented technology New Energy Company. Since 2005, the company has been developing R & D of nanoscale catalytic cracking and reduction technology for biodiesel production. It has invested over 100 billion yuan in over 10 years. After successful pilot, pilot and pilot production, it has fully met the requirements of industrial scale production. In August 2015, the technology was identified as the leading level in the country through the national level appraisal, and got a number of national patents, such as a method of biodiesel production from waste oil, acidified oil and animal and plant waste oil, a biodiesel catalytic cracking equipment and so on. The technology is also a global leader.
Product features:
Pure hydrocarbon biodiesel Shenzhen Taili Energy Limited produced by Sinopec testing center, 100% components of diesel components, can be arbitrary in the current market on a diesel engine, without adjustment of diesel engine for tractors, trucks, times, etc. the ship can completely replace petroleum diesel, and has the following characteristics:
1 and 100% petrochemical diesel oil
2. 100% direct use of diesel engine
3, freezing point and cold filter plugging point can reach -13 degrees
4. No pollution, no carcinogen, no PM2.5, no heavy metal, zero emission after combustion.
5. The core index is superior to the national VI diesel standard
6. The effective storage time is up to 5 years (the effective storage time of petrochemical diesel is 90 days).
The value of 7 and sixteen alkanes is up to 65.1
Pure hydrocarbon biodiesel production process energy Terry to achieve a fully automated, no waste gas, waste water and noise pollution, in full compliance with the provisions of the State Environmental protection. Pure hydrocarbon biodiesel Talim energy production, the same, the same, the physicochemical properties of product quality and quality index of the same chemical composition can be mixed with petroleum diesel, and the quality of diesel in any proportion, can also be used alone, its performance and emission standards fully meet the requirements of international environmental protection.
Industrial Fund:

Shenzhen Taili energy limited by actively exploring new financial model, continuous innovation in the process of realizing the development of the industry. In September 17, 2017, led by the International Association for the green economy, in the "2017 Xiamen fair - Green Finance and green industry summit", with Shenzhen Taili Energy Co. Ltd. jointly initiated the establishment of the first domestic bio energy industry investment fund "Terry energy industry investment fund, this fund will be to promote the rapid development of Terry energy scale expansion.

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